The Impact of Consumers Perception of Environment and Technology in Redeeming E-Coupons

, , and . International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM), 8 (1): 1-12 (April 2017)


Consumers are now more technologically oriented than ever before and are also more concerned about the environment compared to previous times. A new model called Technology & Environment Mediation Model (TEMM) for consumer action related to the willingness to redeem e-coupons is proposed by combining aspects of Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) and Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). This model articulates perceived the usefulness of having the environmental benefits of e-coupons integrated with concepts of having ease of use for accessing coupons online. Technology is predicted to have mediating effects on perceived easiness of access and environment is expected to mediate perceived usefulness of using e-coupons. The paper also introduces a number of possible research propositions and relates them to managerial implications and Structure Equation Model (SEM) is suggested as an appropriate methodology for testing the proposed model.

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