FHC-NCTSR: Node Centric Trust Based secure Hybrid Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2012)


To effectively support communication in such a dynamic networking environment as the ad hoc networks, the routing mechanisms should adapt to secure and trusted route discovery and service quality in data transmission. In this context, the paper proposed a routing protocol called Node Centric Trust based Secure Hybrid Routing Protocol FHC-NCTSR that opted to fixed hash chaining for data transmission and node centric trust strategy for secure route discovery. The route discovery is reactive in nature, in contrast to this, data transmission is proactive, hence the protocol FHC-NCTSR termed as hybrid routing protocol. The performance results obtained from simulation environment concluding that due to the fixed hash chaining technique opted by FHC-NCTSR, it is more than one order of magnitude faster than other hash chain based routing protocols such as SEAD in packet delivery. Due to the node centric strategy of route discovery that opted by FHC-NCTSR, it elevated as trusted one against to Rushing, Routing table modification and Tunneling attacks, in contrast other protocols failed to provide security for one or more attacks listed, example is ARIADNE that fails to protect from tunneling attack.

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