Usability and User Experience of Virtual Objects Supporting Learning and Communicating in Virtual Reality

R. Hein, M. Latoschik, and C. Wienrich. Mensch und Computer 2022 - Tagungsband , page 510-514. New York, ACM, (2022)


This study aims to evaluate the usability and user experience of the InteractionSuitecase. This is a collection of virtual objects that have cultural connotations (associated with German or Anglo-American culture). They are intended to promote communication about cultural differences and similarities in English lessons at German schools. They are thus part of a didactic concept for using social VR for trans- and intercultural learning. Future teacher used the virtual objects during a practical seminar and rated them as useful. Further they associates a positive user experience. Since the virtual objects should encourage communication, the sense of connectedness instead of isolation is a very important results. The results proved the readiness of the InteractionSuitcase for further pedagogical applications.

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