A New PDAC Parallel Encryption with Digit Arithmetic of Cover Text Based Text Steganography Approach for Cloud Data Security

, and . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (3): 1344--1352 (March 2015)


Internet Computing provides dynamic virtualization, resource pools, services and high availability servers. With rapid growth of internet computing technology, there is a high demand for data storage security on cloud. In this paper we are presenting a useful new approach of text based steganography for cloud data security. In our approach, simple addition, subtraction and multiplication of digits of ASCII code of each character of cover text is done and these new generated numeric values are used to encrypt ASCII values of our plain text. Since, in our approach, there are three basic airthmetic operations that are performed on every character of cover text, therefore, after airthmetic calculations each and every character will generate three numeric values such that, each and every numeric value will encrypt two ASCII values of plain text parallely. One from beginning of array of ASCII values of plain text and another one from ending of the very same array. In our approach, one character of cover text hides at most six characters of plain text. Thus memory allocation problem for cover text and execution time both are reduced. Using parallelism performance of our approach is enhanced

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