Model-based Ubiquitous Interaction Concepts and Contexts in Public Systems

, und . Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, (2011)


Ubiquitous systems and interaction concepts are increasingly finding their way into public systems like shopping malls, airports, public transport or information kiosks. At the same time, these user interfaces also undergo significant changes. Technologies like multi-touch systems or voice-based interaction are now available to the general public and widely used. In ubiquitous systems, these modalities are often combined, sometimes even dynamically at runtime. This leads to new challenges for the conceptualization and development of ubiquitous user interfaces in public systems, especially where this implies adaptive behavior. We present contexts that possibly influence the interaction with such public systems and describe ways of modeling this interaction integrating context-adaptivity already in the interaction models of public systems. Taking into account the context of the public system and its users, we extend the concept of Interaction-Cases to contain model aspects for different interaction contexts in public systems.

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