Transforming Conceptual Model into Logical Model for Temporal Data Warehouse Security: A Case Study

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2012)


Extraction–transformation–loading (ETL) processes are responsible for the extraction of data from several sources, their cleansing, customization and insertion into a data warehouse. Data warehouse often store historical information which is extracted from multiple, heterogeneous, autonomous and distributed data sources, thereby, the survival of the organizations depends on the correct management, security and confidentiality of the information. In this paper, we are using the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to represent logical model requirements for secure Temporal Data Warehouses (TDW). We use the Platform-Independent Model (PIM) which does not include information about specific platforms and technologies. Nowadays, the most crucial issue in MDA is the transformation between a PIM and Platform Specific Models PSM. Thus, OMG defines use the Query/View/Transformation (QVT) language, an approach for expressing these MDA transformations. This paper proposes a set of rules to transform PIM model for secure temporal data warehouse (TDW) to PSM model, we apply the QVT language to the development of a secure data warehouse by means of a case study.

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