Vector Multiplication Approach for Point of View Variations in a Mimicking Robotic Shoulder using Microsoft Kinect

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 4 (1): 9-14 (February 2016)


This study aimed to manipulate a robotic shoulder even while the user is varying its point of view by applying a vector multiplication and controlling it using a camera with depth sensor. The system acquired the motion of the user’s arm using Kinect sensor. The position of the user’s joints was obtained using the Kinect Skeletal Tracking of Kinect SDK. Through the use of Visual Studio, we used C# and create a program to acquire the values of the skeletal coordinates and that was used to calculate the vectors using Cross Product and then the angles using Dot Product of the Vector Multiplication. The angles obtained were sent to the microcontroller through serial communication and then converted to signals for the movement of servo motors of the robotic shoulder. The rotation of the servo motors was according to the angles given as input. The researchers concluded that the system is effective in acquiring the user’s shoulder angle for the mimicking of robotic shoulder for different point of views. Likewise, the researchers considered that the user’s actual shoulder angle is close to the robotic shoulder prototype angle.



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