Analysis of Image Super-Resolution via Reconstruction Filters for Pure Translational Motion

, and . International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP), 11 (3): 50-66 (June 2017)


In this work, a special case of the image super-resolution problem where the only type of motion is global translational motion and the blurs are shift-invariant is investigated. The necessary conditions for exact reconstruction of the original image by using finite impulse-response reconstruction filters are investigated and determined. If the number of available low-resolution images is larger than a threshold and the blur functions meet a certain property, a reconstruction filter set for perfect image super-resolution can be generated even in the absence of motion. Given that the conditions are satisfied, a method for exact super-resolution is presented to validate the analysis results and it is shown that for the fully determined case, perfect reconstruction of the original image is achieved. Finally, some realistic conditions that make the super-resolution problem ill-posed are treated and their effects on exact super-resolution are discussed.

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