Fostering Serendipitous Knowledge Discovery using an Adaptive Multigraph-based Faceted Browser

A. Khalili, P. van Andel, P. van den Besselaar, and K. de Graaf. The Ninth International Conference on Knowledge Capture: K-CAP 2017 , ACM, (2017)


Serendipity, the art of making an unsought finding plays also an important role in the emerging field of data science, allowing the discovery of interesting and valuable facts not initially sought for. Previous research has extracted many serendipity-fostering patterns applicable to digital data-driven systems. Linked Open Data (LOD) on the Web which is powered by the Follow-Your-Nose effect, provides already a rich source for serendipity. The serendipity most often takes place when browsing data. Therefore, flexible and intuitive browsing user interfaces which support serendipity triggers such as enigmas, anomalies and novelties, can increase the likelihood of serendipity on LOD. In this work, we propose a set of serendipity-fostering design features supported by an adaptive multigraph-based faceted browsing interface to catalyze serendipity on Semantic Web and LOD environments.

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