Studies On Some Important Medicinal And Aromatic Plants And Their Traditional Usages In District Hamirpur –A Sub Himalayan Tropical Region Of Himachal Pradesh-India

(Hrsg.). . Weekly Science (September 2013)


The present work is undertaken in Hamirpur Forest Division which is bounded in North by river Beas, in the East by Baker and Sir Khads and district Mandi, in South by Sola Singhi Dhar of Himachal Pradesh. The studies highlight the plant species diversity, indigenous uses in ecosystem existing in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. The area is rich in high value medicinal plant diversity and local residents practice the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic System of Medicines. In present paper a total of 91 species belonging to 82 genera and 51 families have been recorded for using various ailments in human beings. Also 27 plant species have been recorded during the studies which are being used by local inhabitants to cure their animals from various ailments in Himachal Pradesh

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