Classical and Quantum Mechanics of Non-Central Potentials: A Survey of Two-Dimensional Systems

. Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, (1998)


This book is concerned with the study of mathematical methods for handling non-central potentials in terms of dynamical invariants in the context of both classical and quantum mechanics. Chapter titles are: general introduction; classical mechanics of non-central time-independent (TID) systems; classical mechanics of non-central time-dependent (TD) systems; quantum mechanics of non-central TID systems; quantum mechanics of non-central TD systems; non-central forces in three dimensions --- a brief survey; role and scope of dynamical invariants in physical problems --- interpretation and applications; constrained dynamical systems and invariants; summary and future prospects. A number of appendices are given entitled: field theoretic studies in two dimensions --- classical analogue of Yang-Mills theories; classical and quantum integrability; group theoretical methods and constants of motion.

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