Supporting The Initial Stages of The Product Design Process: Towards Knowledge Awareness And Inspiration

, , , , и . International Journal of Recent Trends in Human Computer Interaction (IJHCI), 8 (1): 8-22 (февраля 2017)


The creation of new products and services is an everyday activity for many industries, often assisted by professional design studios. It is evident that extensive knowledge is required by designers during the conceptual product design process, matching the complexity of design problems. Techniques based on association, analogy and metaphors are often used to facilitate the process of creative thinking and inspiration leading to new product designs. This paper presents a novel semantic tool, which has been developed to seamlessly assist product designers with knowledge management tasks during information discovery and support the formulation of new product concepts. The technology can be used in combination with a sketching application to support the generation of relevant visual content, helping to stimulate associative thinking, and thus assist creativity at the initial stage of the product design process.

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