Pervasive Parallelism for Managed Runtimes

, and . HotPar '11: 3rd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism, (May 2011)


Modern programming languages like C# or Java are executed in a managed runtime and offer support for concurrency at a high level of abstraction. However, high-level parallel abstractions (e.g., thread pools) can merely be provided as a library since the underlying runtime (including the dynamic compiler) is aware of only a small set of low-level parallel abstractions. In this paper we discuss alternative abstractions of concurrency in the source language, the runtime, and the dynamic compiler. The abstractions enable a dynamic optimizing compiler to perform new code transformations that can adapt the granularity of parallel tasks according to the system resources. The presented optimizations allow the runtime to tune the execution of parallel code fully automatically.

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