Preprocessor Agent Approach to Knowledge Discovery Using Zero-R Algorithm

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2011)


Data mining and multiagent approach has been used successfully in the development of large complex systems. Agents are used to perform some action or activity on behalf of a user of a computer system. The study proposes an agent based algorithm PrePZero-r using Zero-R algorithm in Weka. Algorithms are powerful technique for solution of various combinatorial or optimization problems. Zero-R is a simple and trivial classifier, but it gives a lower bound on the performance of a given dataset which should be significantly improved by more complex classifiers. The Proposed Algorithm called PrePZero-r has significantly reduced time taken to build the model than Zero-R algorithm by removing the Lower Bound Values 0 while preprocessing and comparing the result with class values. Also proposed study introduced new factor “Accuracy (1-e)” for each individual attribute.

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