Performance Analysis of OFDM System through Pseudo-Pilot and Greedy Algorithms

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 4 (5): 39-42 (March 2017)


In this paper, to investigate a pilot problem for Greedy algorithms using channel estimation in OFDM system. The Greedy algorithm is used for channel estimation in OFDM system over AWGN fading channel. Thus, Greedy algorithm is used for the optimization process. The OFDM is providing a high speed data rate and low complexity because it reduces the intersymbol interference for transmission over frequency selective channel. Hence, Greedy algorithms use a pilot to create overhead problem, this problem solve with pseudo-pilot. On the basis of BER (bit error rate) performance of OFDM is evaluate. In Simulation results show, BER vs SNR compared the performance of pilot aided and pseudo-pilot using Greedy algorithms.



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