Analytical and Numerical Simulation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 4 (6): 1-5 (June 2017)


Shell and tube heat exchanger is the most common type of heat exchanger and widely used in oil refinery and other large chemical processes because it suite for high pressure application. In this project design of shell-and-tube heat exchanger is developed using analytical method. Then the CFD simulation will be carried out. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is a useful tool in solving and analysing problems that involve fluid flows, in this process in solving the simulation consist of modeling and meshing the basic geometry of shell and tube heat exchanger using the CFD package ANSYS Meshing Then, the boundary condition will be set before been simulate in Fluent 12.1 based on the analytical parameters. Then the CFD simulation of heat transfer in shell and tube heat exchanger model is validated against analytical method. Finally the optimization of baffle will be carried out to improve the stagnant zone and heat transfer in the segmented Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.



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