Online Mathematics With Interactive Concept Maps

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Concept Mapping - Connecting Educators. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Concept Mapping. Volume III. Poster papers, page 202-205. IHMC, (2008)


There has not been a free and easy-to-use utility to handle both authoring and presentation of large graphs online,especially with mathematical content. On one hand, concept map editors are ideal for authoring graphs, but publishingcapabilities may be limited. On the other hand, numerous browsing and layout tools exist for publishing content generated elsewhere. We present a transformation tool Xcm2kg that tries to solve the problem by integrating authoring with IHMCCmapTools to publishing based on TouchGraph. GXL is used as an intermediate format to facilitate interoperability with othergraph-based applications. The tool is demonstrated with concept maps drawn on an undergraduate mathematics course.



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