Applied Conformal Field Theory
(1988)cite arxiv:hep-th/9108028Comment: Lectures given at Les Houches summer session, Jun 28 -- Aug 5, 1988.

These lectures consisted of an elementary introduction to conformal field theory, with some applications to statistical mechanical systems, and fewer to string theory. Contents: 1. Conformal theories in d dimensions 2. Conformal theories in 2 dimensions 3. The central charge and the Virasoro algebra 4. Kac determinant and unitarity 5. Identication of m = 3 with the critical Ising model 6. Free bosons and fermions 7. Free fermions on a torus 8. Free bosons on a torus 9. Affine Kac-Moody algebras and coset constructions 10. Advanced applications
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