Comparative Study of the Natural Fiber and Artificial Fibre as an Admixture in M30 Grade Concrete

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences(IJIES), 5 (12): 9-14 (October 2020)
DOI: 10.35940/ijies.K0998.1051220


The Sugarcane Bagasse which is produced in tones every year which can cause inconvenience to environment, we use this material as one of the admixtures in the concrete mix to reduce its effect on surroundings. As we add the material, we can economize the total expenditure on the construction. By using this we are able to improve the ordinary Portland cement through means of strength which can rise the durability of the structure. By using these materials in proportions, we produce various nominal conventional concrete mixes which are very economical and suitable for any environmental conditions. We want to use the sugarcane bagasse as the main source is an eco-friendly material, but only with this material we can’t get good strength hence it imparts strength to the concrete we are using the combination of the sugar cane bagasse and the optical fiber as an admixture. Here the test results give good improvement. Hence low-cost materials with good strength is obtained.



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