Home Automation using Arduino & Bluetooth

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 4 (8): 1-2 (April 2018)


Different controlling devices and configurations can be found in existing systems. Such systems have been found already in many places for a wide variety of applications. This paper presents a survey of all such system. With the increase in consumption of energy and population, there is a grave need to conserve energy in every way possible. The inability to access and control the appliances from remote locations is one of the major reasons for energy loss. A web or an android application is used by the users to give instructions to these systems. This system can make use of a host of communication methods like Bluetooth and GSM to connect the electronic devices in any building within the range. This paper is about a system which lets people control their surrounding electronic devices and maintain their condition while conserving energy. And all this is at a very low cost. This paper is about a home automation system which has a very appealing user interface. Along with this the home automation system is also compatible with security system. This system offers another feature of energy saving also. As the home automation system uses various devices in it the proposed system also manages and does analysis of power consumed and power loss by the devices it is made of. The system also gives ways to save energy and minimize the use of electricity.



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