Quality of Service for Differentiated Traffic using Multipath in Wireless Sensor Networks

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 3 (1): 61-66 (December 2014)


Providing Quality of Service in wireless sensor networks refers to a set of service requirements to be satisfied when transmitting a packet from source to destination. The main challenge involved in quality of service based data transmission is to select the efficient path from source to destination. Quality of service in wireless sensor networks is an important factor. The two most important parameters that hinder the goal of guaranteed event perception are time-sensitive and reliable delivery of gathered information, while minimum energy consumption is desired. In this paper, a multi-traffic, multi-path and energy aware data transmission mechanism is proposed for improving Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks. The simulation results demonstrate that, the algorithms efficiently improve quality of reception ratio, satisfying the required quality of service metrics.



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