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Real-time resource prediction engine for cloud management. Integrated Network and Service Management (IM), 2017 IFIP/IEEE Symposium on. 877--878, Year 2017.
Analysis of Nonlinear Interference Noise in Flexible Optical Networks. Proceedings of the 22nd OptoElectronics and Communications Conference (OECC 2017). Year 2017.
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Automated Decision Making Methods for the Multi-objective Optimization Task of Cloud Service Placement. Programmability for Cloud Networks and Applications 2016 (PROCON 2016). Würzburg, Germany, Year 2016.
Overcoming the Impact of Nonlinear Interference Noise Correlation on FEC Performance. Proceedings of the 43rd European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2017). Year 2017.
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Self-configuring deterministic network with in-band configuration channel. 2017 Fourth International Conference on Software Defined Systems (SDS). IEEE, Year 2017.
Generating Synthetic Internet- and IP-Topologies using the Stochastic-Block-Model. 2nd IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Analytics for Network and Service Management (AnNet). Year 2017.
Predicting SLA Conformance for Cluster-based Services. In IFIP Networking, Year 2017.
Mitigating IoT security threats with a trusted Network element.. ICITST. 260-265, IEEE, Year 2016.
112-Gb/s PDM-PAM4 Generation and 80-km Transmission Using a Novel Monolithically Integrated Dual-Polarization Electro-Absorption Modulator InP PIC. Proc. 43rd European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). Th.1.C.3, Year 2017.
Colorless C-Band WDM System Enabled by Coherent Reception of 56-GBd PDM-16QAM Using an High-Bandwidth ICR with TIAs. Proc. Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC). M2C.3, Year 2017.
Distributed VNF Scaling in Large-scale Datacenters:
ADMM-based Approach
Year 2017.
Survivable Manycast, Anycast and Replica Placement in Optical Inter-Datacenter Networks. In International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), Year 2017.

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