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BibSonomy :: Hypertext 2009

A blue social bookmark and publication sharing system.
Hypertext 2009. As Tagcloud.
This service is provided by BibSonomy, a social bookmark and publication sharing system. It contains all accepted papers of the Hypertext 2009 conference and its workshops, together with the keywords (tags) that authors have associated with their papers or that show up in the paper titles. Want to organize your conference visit? Just get a BibSonomy account and start copying and annotating the papers you are interested in!
The color of each tag indicates the session (as shown at the bottom of this page) to which most abstracts annotated with that tag belong to. Clicking on a tag (keyword) will retrieve from BibSonomy the abstracts that have been tagged with it. The publication metadata are available in many formats, including BibTeX and RDF.
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An idea of the TAGora project, brought to you by the Knowledge & Data Engineering Group, University of Kassel, a member of L3S Research Center. Special thanks to: Robert Jäschke, Andreas Hotho, Gerd Stumme.