The ABCDE Format Enabling Semantic Conference Proceedings

, and . Proceedings of the First Workshop on Semantic Wikis -- From Wiki To Semantics, ESWC2006, (June 2006)


-We believe that the best way to present a narrative to a computer is to let the author explicitly create a rich semantic structure for the article during writing. – We propose an open-standard, widely (re)useable format, the ABCDE format for proceedings and workshop contributions that can be easily mined, integrated and consumed by semantic browsers and wikis. – There need not be an abstract in an ABCDE document - instead, the author denotes core sentences within the B,C and D sections, which are compiled through a macro to form a structured abstract. – We believe a LATEX stylesheet provides a suitable input format for providing authors with a semantic structure to work from. – We provide the abcde.sty LATEX file as an appendix to this paper. – Macros are provided to specify Dublin Core Elements, and to print a list of those that are specified. – Our section division into Background, Contribution, and Discussion is backed by a number of emperical studies. – We aim to work on different incarnations of this format and open it up to modification and development.


All references containing the term "wiki" from the bibtex files of papers on the SemWiki2006 WS

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