A Remote Health Care System Combining a Fall Down Alarm and Biomedical Signal Monitor System in an Android Smart-Phone

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2013)


First aid and immediate help are very important following an accident. The earlier the detection and treatment is carried out, the better the prognosis and chance of recovery of the patients. It is even more important when considering the elderly. Once the elderly have an accident, they not only physically injure their body, but also impair their mental and social ability, and may develop severe sequela. In the last few years, the continuously developed Android cell phone has been applied to many fields. Despite the nature of the GPS positioning system that the mobile phone currently uses, most applications used are SMS and file transfers. However, these biomedical measurement signals, passing through a transferring interface and uploading to the mobile, result the little really successful cases with the remote health care feasibility. This research will develop an Android cell phone which combines the functionality of an ECG, pulsimeter, SpO2, and BAD (Body Activity Detector) for real-time monitoring of the activity of a body. When an accident occurs, the signals go through Android smart phone, immediately notifying the remote ends and providing first time help.

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