Near room-temperature continuous-wave operation of electrically pumped 1.55 μm vertical cavity lasers with InGaAsP/InP bottom mirror

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Electronics Letters, 35 (1): 49-50 (January 1999)
DOI: 10.1049/el:19990014


The first near room-temperature continuous-wave (CW) operation of a vertical cavity laser based on an epitaxial InGaAsP/InP bottom mirror is reported. The structure employs a package of nine strain compensated GaInAsP quantum wells and a wafer-fused GaAs/AlGaAs top mirror. For a 10 μm diameter device, the threshold current is 6 mA and the input threshold power is 21 mW. The maximum operating temperature is 17 and 101°C for CW and pulsed conditions, respectively



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