Energy Components Based Image Fusion Technique for Both Gray Scale and Color Images

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 4 (7): 1-7 (December 2017)


In this paper, an image fusion scheme based on Hilbert vibration decomposition (HVD) is proposed. In this proposed technique, the images to be fused are first enhanced and then converted into 1-D signals which are decomposed using the HVD technique into different components called energy components. These energy components are fused by taking the average of corresponding energy components except the last component having least energy. Simulation results of the proposed technique are carried out in MATLAB and its performance is compared with other existing techniques using some commonly used performance metrics. It is seen that the proposed technique gives better visual appearance of the fused image than other existing techniques and the values of the several performance metrics are also better/comparable with other techniques. The simulation results obtained for color images show that the proposed algorithm works well for color images in HSI color space also



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