Home Energy Management System Based On Zigbee

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 2 (4): 13-15 (March 2014)


This Paper presents a novel method of Diode clamped Multi Level Inverter, which works without series association the clamping diodes. The conventional diode clamping inverter suffers from such problems as dc link unbalance, indirect clamping of the inner devices, turn-on snubbing of the inner dc rails as well as series association of the clamping diodes etc. It is due largely to these problems that the application of the conventional diode clamping inverter in practice has been deterred, in spite of the growing discussion in the literature. An auxiliary resistive clamping network solving the indirect clamping problem of the inner devices is also discussed for both the new and conventional diode clamping inverter. Operation principle, clamping mechanism, auxiliary clamping as well as experimentation are presentedTo inculcate the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) based on ZigBee communication using remote controller and sensor. This technique brings out the more efficient home energy management system to reduce power consumption in home area. We consider the room easily controllable with an IR remote control of a home appliance. The room has power outlets, a light, sensor and a ZigBee hub. The ZigBee hub has an IR code learning function and educates the IR remote control signal of a home appliance connected to the power outlet. Then it can control the power outlets and the light in the room. The PIR sensor which detects the presence of the human and then it allows the power on the light.. A LCD is used in the hardware module for the user interface. The LCD displays the power consumed and the value of PIR sensor. The ZigBee hubs in each room communicate with the home server and report the power consumption information to the home server. The proposed architecture gives more efficient energysaving HEMS.



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