Characterizing Knowledge Maturing: A Conceptual Process Model for Integrating E-Learning and Knowledge Management

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4th Conference Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions (WM '07), Potsdam, 1, page 325-334. Berlin, GITO, (2007)


Knowledge management and e-learning both attempt to support learning and knowledge transfer in organizations. However, they aim at knowledge of different degrees of maturity. Central hypothesis of this paper is that the approaches can be integrated on the basis of a process that explicitly aims at designing the transitions of knowledge along varying degrees of maturity. The knowledge maturing process is presented as a conceptual model for explaining and analyzing disruptions in the inter-individual flow of knowledge within organizations. These disruptions can be attributed to a fragmented systems landscape and separated organizational units that foster knowledge of different degrees of maturity. The paper presents criteria for a characterization of this process model and discusses its implications for the design of learning support systems.



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