Hybrid AES Algorithm with Enhanced Security for Heterogeneous Data

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International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES), 4 (10): 6-11 (июня 2018)


This paper, presents the intricate Hybrid AES encryption method. Proposed algorithm’s design and evaluation of security enhancement is done by implementing and comparing Dynamic S-box with Round structure & Variable Key Cipher technique for heterogeneous data. AES is one of ciphering algorithm which is utilized for encryption, decryption of data to provide confidentiality for end to culminate data transmission. Improvement is finished in AES by modifying the S-box. The static S-box is created dynamic utilizing key programing with the repetition of variable cipher key. The improvement analysis relies on cryptography Time, decoding Time and Throughput. Performance enhancement for security is evaluated for all the four algorithms- AES, AES with Round structure, AES with Variable Key cipher and our proposed Hybrid algorithm- AES with Round Structure and Variable key Cipher. Here focus is to make system attack resistant & secure data from assailers


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