Tensile Testing on Composite Materials (CFRP) with Adhesive

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International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE), 5 (12): 21-26 (января 2019)


The world is changing day to day in many aspects, especially usage of material, earlier iron and steel are abundant in usage for construction of bridges, dams, building etc., but as the composite technology comes in to pictures there was a red signal for mostly used materials. Composite means combination of separate interconnected parts, it might be metallic or non-metallic, combined to form a metal and that will give the same strength of other high end materials. Another important aspect is combining, how a metal and non-metal will be combined irrespective of its bonding nature, even if a metal does bond how come a non-metal will be bonded to a metallic at high stress. This technology we call it as Joint Technology. In current project, we discuss about the composite materials and how they are useful for the building of the structures using the metal and non- metal variants and its strengths. And we will be knowing about the adhesive technology and its purpose and objectives. And mainly about the joining techniques we used here for the combing the materials which are of two kinds and test results of CFRP material combined with metal with adhesives and then loaded for tensile testing. The results were noted then the same material is riveted after applying adhesive and does the tensile load.


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