Graph-based Query Rewriting for Knowledge Sharing between Peer Ontologies

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Information Sciences, 178 (18): 3525--3542 (September 2008)
DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.ins.2008.05.026


Peer knowledge management systems (PKMS) offer a flexible architecture for decentralized knowledge sharing. In PKMSs, the knowledge sharing and evolution processes are based on peer ontologies. Finding an effective and efficient query rewriting algorithm for regular expression queries is vital for knowledge sharing between peers in PKMSs; and for this our solution is characterized by graph-based query rewriting. Based on the graphs for both axioms and mappings, we design a novel algorithm, regular expression rewriting algorithm, to rewrite regular expression queries along semantic paths. The simulation results show that the performance of our algorithm is better than Mork’s reformulation algorithms P. Mork, Peer architectures for knowledge sharing, PhD thesis, University of Washington, 2005. <>, and our algorithm is more effective than the naive rewriting algorithm.



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