emir burak In Informatics, there are two (related) meanings of the word "monad": * A triple (T,eta,mu) following some laws in category theory * A way of structuring functional programs The first meaning can probably not be described easily in natural language. Michael Arbib and Ernest Manes' "Arrows, Structure, Functors - The Categorical Imperative". describe them as (generalized monoids) in Section 10.2 and through adjointness to the forgetful functor from algebras to sets. That last connection basically makes everything that we can write down or model using abstract syntax / universal algebra a monad. The second view is described in Wadler's papers. I mention category theory because we can describe things that are not computations as monads. It also reminds us why a monad is a collection of things taken together. With the List example in mind, a potentially more revealing account on monads (aka triples) can be found in the free book Barr, Wells




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