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Entry types

Entry types are used to classify BibTeX entries according to their type. Currently, BibSonomy supports the following 20 types of publications:

  • article (a short entry representing an article from a journal or magazine)
  • book (a longer entry representing a book with an explicit publisher)
  • booklet (a work that is printed and bound, but without a named publisher or sponsoring institution)
  • conference (a contribution to a conference that hasn't been published in the proceedings of a conference)
  • electronic (electronic publications, e.g. eBooks or blog entries)
  • inbook (a part of a book, which may be a chapter and/or a range of pages)
  • incollection (a part of a book with its own title)
  • inproceedings (an article in the proceedings of a conference)
  • manual (technical documentation, manual)
  • mastersthesis (an entry representing a Master's thesis)
  • misc (an entry type used when nothing else seems appropriate)
  • patent (patent)
  • periodical (regularly published work, e.g. a magazine)
  • phdthesis (a PhD thesis)
  • preamble (a mostly solemn declaration at the beginning of a document, e.g. a certificate)
  • presentation (presentation, talk on an event)
  • proceedings (the proceedings of a conference)
  • standard (standard)
  • techreport (a report published by a school or other institution, usually numbered within a series)
  • unpublished (a document with an author and title, but not formally published)