To Develop and Implement Low Power High Speed VLSI for Processing Signals using Multirate Techniques
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International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (3): 1562--1571 (March 2015)

Multirate technique is necessary for systems with different input and output sampling rates. Recent advances in mobile computing and communication applications demand low power and high speed VLSI DSP systems 4. This Paper presents Multirate modules used for filtering to provide signal processing in wireless communication system. Many architecture developed for the design of low complexity, bit parallel Multiple Constant Multiplications operation which dominates the complexity of DSP systems. However, major drawbacks of present approaches are either too costly or not efficient enough. On the other hand, MCM and digit-serial adder offer alternative low complexity designs, since digit-serial architecture occupy less area and are independent of the data word length 110. Multiple Constant Multiplications is efficient way to reduce the number of addition and subtraction in polyphase filter implementation. This Multirate design methodology is systematic and applicable to many problems. In this paper, attention has given to the MCM & digit serial architecture with shifting and adding techniques that offers alternative low complexity in operations. This paper also focused on Multirate Signal Processing Modules using Voltage and Technology scaling. Reduction of power consumption is important for VLSI system and also it becomes one of the most critical design parameter. Transistorized Multirate module which has full custom design with different circuit topology and optimization level simulated on cadence platform. Multirate modules are used AMI 0.6 um, TSMC 0.35 um, and TSMC 0.25 um technologies for different voltage scaling. The presented methodology provides a systematic way to derive circuit technique for high speed operation at a low supply voltage. Multirate polyphase interpolator and decimator are also designed and optimized at architectural level in order to analyze the terms power consumption, area and speed.
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