By Adam Taylor ... "Editor’s Note: This is Part 8 (see Part 7) of an extensive report by 9/11 researcher Adam Taylor that exposes the fallacies and flaws in the arguments made by the editors of Popular Mechanics (PM) in the latest edition of their book Debunking 9/11 Myths. "... "PM notes that the rubble pile was not exactly “neat,” since nearby structures such as the Fiterman Hall and the Verizon Building were structurally damaged by debris from Building 7. While it is true there was damage to surrounding structures, this may have simply been due to the fact that WTC7 was a particularly large structure... [...] In fact, the FEMA report had this to say about Building 7’s debris pile:

“The collapse of WTC 7 had a small debris field as the facade was pulled downward, suggesting an internal failure and implosion… The average debris field radius was approximately 70 feet." (Jfr. )
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