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Importing numerous publications

Publications can also be imported to BibSonomy in larger quantities by creating BibTeX or EndNote files. Those are generated in most programs for literature management. If you need help to export your desired list of publications, this instruction might help. If you already have access to such a file, please follow these steps.

  1. Click on the button "add post" and then "import publications" on the topmenu of BibSonomy. Alternatively, you can also follow this link.

  2. Here you need to choose the destination of you file on your computer with the button "Durchsuchen". Then, you can decide, if the import should be visible to everyone (public) or not (private). With "other", you can also choose a group, whose members are allowed to see it (e.g. friends).

  3. Now you can enact the following decisions:

    • If you set a cross at "edit before import", the imports will not be saved directly. Instead, you will have the opportunity to edit the publications before adding them.
    • If you check the box below, you will overwrite any entry referencing the same publication.
    • For "delimiter", you have to choose which sign is used to seperate the entries. E.g. whitespace, comma or semicolon.
    • If you do not choose "whitespace", you can now edit the delimiter yourself.
    • Last, you have to specify the encoding of your file. It is mostly "UTF-8".
  4. Did you choose every setting? Finalize the import by pressing the "post"-button.