Group functions

The group concept in BibSonomy allows you to meet people with the same reading interests. In groups, you can easily work on projects/articles or you can share interesting publications with your colleagues at your workplace.

On this page, you will find links to short instructions for all group functions. Some group functions only are available for administrators. Learn more about those functions here.

Search for a group and join it

If you would like to search for a group and join it, follow these steps.

Create a new group

This guide shows you how to create a new group.

The group page

The group page offers several functions. Compare this guide.

Share bookmarks/publications with the group

BibSonomy offers the possibility to share bookmarks and publications with your group. Follow these steps.

Group discussions

This helppage explains how to start a group discussion with your colleagues

Leave a group

To leave a group, follow these steps.

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