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Integration with REST API

BibSonomy provides a webservice using Representational State Transfer (REST), a software architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems. The REST API is intended for developers who want to develop applications which interact with BibSonomy. You can use the provided client library, written in Java to access the API or you can directly interact with the webservice if you would like to write a client in a language other than Java.
To get access to the API, you will need your API key. You can find it on the settings page in the tab "settings".


You can access the REST API by the programming language Java.


Restclient PHP is a package of PHP scripts containing a RESTClient and some utilities that are useful for the development of PHP applications that shall interact with the BibSonomy REST API. The RESTClient maps functions provided by the BibSonomy REST API.


There is an API client to retrieve posts using the programming language Python.
The provided export function allows you to download posts and store them in a file. Read more in the Instructions.