System tags

System tags are special tags that come with a predefined meaning. At present, BibSonomy offers three types of system tags:

Executable system tags

Executable system tags are added to a post to execute some special action with that post.

  • for:<groupname>: Tagging a post with for:xygroup will copy that post to the group's collection with the tag replaced by from:YourUserName. Should you change or even delete your post, the copied post of the group will remain unaltered. You must be a member of the group you forward the post to.

  • send:<username>: This tag allows sending a post to the inbox of another BibSonomy user. To use this tag, the receiver must have added you to his friends list or you must be a member of the same group.

Markup system tags

Markup system tags are used to label your posts. Currently BibSonomy supports the following markup system tags:

  • myown: A post tagged with myown will appear on your CV page.

  • sys:relevantFor:<groupname>: A post with the tag sys:relevantFor:xygroup will appear on the "relevantFor"-page of the xygroup. Thus, this tag has the same effect as selecting xygroup in the "relevant for"-box while editing the post.

  • sys:hidden:<tag>: Use this tag with sys:hidden:xyz to "hide" your post. Then it is invisible to every user besides yourself.

Search system tags

Search system tags are not for tagging a post but rather to be used as a filter in search queries. They all have the same syntax: sys:<fieldname><fieldvalue>. For example, searching with sys:author:xyz will only return posts where the author is xyz. BibSonomy supports the following filters:

  • sys:author:<authorname> filters the search range by author.

  • sys:bibtexkey:<bibtexkey> filters the search range by bibtexkey.

  • sys:entrytype:<entrytype> filters the search range by entry type.

  • sys:group:<group> filters the search range by group.
  • sys:not:<tag> excludes entries with the tag <tag>. Here you can also use wildcards, e.g. sys:not:news_* excludes all posts with tags that start with news_.

  • sys:title:<title> filters the search range by title.

  • sys:user:<user> filters the search range by user.

  • sys:year:<year> filters the search by year. Several arguments are possible, e.g.:

    • 2000: all posts from the year 2000
    • 2000-: all posts from the year 2000 or from one of the following years
    • -2000: all posts from the year 2000 or from an earlier year
    • 1990-2000: all posts from the years 1990 to 2000

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