WordPress Plugin

The bibsonomy_csl WordPress plugin allows you to create publication lists based on the Citation Style Language (CSL).


  • Insert publication lists by using the meta box integration in articles
  • Alternatively you can use WordPress shortcodes
  • Select your publications from different content types (e.g. user/group/viewable)
  • Filter the results with tags or fulltext search
  • Select your favourite citation style from a list of pre-installed styles
  • Alternatively use your own citation style by inserting the url
  • Manipulate the layout of your list with CSS
  • Save your API settings (e.g. API user, API key) in an separate admin options page
  • Add Tag Clouds from BibSonomy to your blog as WordPress Widget and choose from three different layouts

For further information on how to use the features, look here.


You can find the WordPress Plugin at the WordPress Plugin Repository: BibSonomy CSL WordPress Plugin.

You can find further instructions on the installation here.

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